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Why not easily relish the culinary delights anywhere?

Gourmet F&B Retail Team has strived to expand its suppliers so that people can easily access high-quality Western food ingredients that are difficult to obtain by supplying them to about 1,000 large off-line stores and online malls, including department stores, discounters, and convenience stores. We will do our best to introduce various fresh flavors in more places.


Our differentiated products increase the competitiveness of our customers.

Since its foundation, Gourmet F&B drew attention by supplying European ingredients, which were hardly imported to Korea at the time, to luxury hotels and high-class restaurants. Based on more than 20 years of expertise and a larger delivery network, our differentiated products are provided for hotels, restaurants, and bakery companies across the country. Our HoReCa Team promises to help our customers strengthen their competitiveness by providing menu consulting service and food ingredients tailored to their nature and needs.



FINE, FRESH, and FLEXIBLE (We provide high-quality ingredients quickly and maintain their freshness, based on the trends.)

Gourmet F&B Sourcing Team is devoted to developing high-quality ingredients directly from local producers around the world, thus satisfying the different needs of Korean consumers. With 20 years of expertise and experience, we have ensured profound insights into the functional properties of ingredients, thus allowing them to be supplied in the best condition to our customers.


We deliver culinary pleasure.

Gourmet F&B Marketing Team helps Korean consumers understand new Western ingredients through diverse activities, such as holding education programs, preparing marketing materials, and conducting promotions. For a day, as everyone enjoys various gourmet food, we endeavor to understand and communicate with our consumers.


New Business

We are aiming of becoming a
lifestyle company beyond food.

Established in June 2018, Gourmet F&B New Business Team focuses on developing and sourcing world-class brands that encompass the lifestyle.
Launching Hydro Flask in 2019, we have expanded our business categories beyond the existing food businesses,
such as coffee- and livingware. We will do our best to play a pivotal role in Gourmet F&B’s growth.



We build customer trust through in-depth hygiene
and advanced logistics.

Gourmet F&B SCM (Logistics) strives to meet customers’ demanding hygiene inspections, administer food
safety, and ensure the freshness of products through quick delivery via the cold chain system. We will exert every effort into
a more reliable logistics system through continuous investment and infrastructure expansion.



We fulfill our responsibility
from beginning to end.

Gourmet F&B Support Team is designed to create the highest efficiency by allocating all available resources, such as accounting,taxes,
finance, human resources, general affairs, and strategies to departments to achieve our company’s goals. In addition, we ensure effective
communication between employees and support them to develop their individual capacities, serving as a stepping stone among teams.