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  • 구르메아이콘Cheese and dairy products
  • 구르메아이콘Ham and salami
  • 구르메아이콘Three greatest delicacies
  • 구르메아이콘Processed food
  • 구르메아이콘Bakery
  • 구르메아이콘Beverage
  • 구르메아이콘Livingware


Item category

  • 구르메아이콘Coffee


Item category

  • 구르메아이콘Three greatest delicacies


Item category

  • 구르메아이콘Cheese and dairy products
  • 구르메아이콘Beverage


Item category

  • 구르메아이콘Cheese and dairy products
  • 구르메아이콘Ham and salami
  • 구르메아이콘Living Ware


Item category

  • 구르메아이콘Coffee


  • Cheese and dairy products
  • Ham and salami
  • Three greatest delicacies
  • Processed food
  • Bakery
  • Beverage
  • Livingware



Founded in 1997 in Alexandria, Greece, Almi specializes in processed cheeses made from Macedonian pepper pickles and cream cheese. It also deals with products with different flavors, such as pickled olives and marinated button mushrooms.



Beemster has been devoted to making cheese in the Dutch Beemster polder for 110 years. Its master cheesemakers use high-quality milk of cows, which are raised on a fertile-reclaimed pasture. Its premium cheese has also been delivered to the Dutch royal family since 2001.

본 마예네

Bons Mayennais

Bons Mayennais is a French cheese maker with more than 100 years of expertise. Located in Mayenne, northwest of France, wherein grasslands are in harmony with the forests, the company makes cheese from fresh milk collected within a 40 km radius by using traditional lactic recipes.



Located in South Tyrol, a clean area in northern Italy, Brimi produces mozzarella using fresh milk provided daily by over 1,250 small farms in the region. All of its products, made solely from milk in South Tyrol, are not only made with selected ingredients but also adhere to traditional recipes and high-level hygiene and quality standards.

캐시 밸리

Cache Valley

As a milk marketing cooperative composed of over 8,500 dairy farms, Dairy Farmers of America Inc. (DFA) is the largest company in terms of sales of dairy products in the US. Inspired by the Cache Valley, one of its brands located in Utah, which takes pride in the vast pastures and lush mountains, the company produces a wide range of safe cheeses to eat. (* Rabobank dairy sales turnover data, 2016)

쿰 캐슬

Coombe Castle

Dedicated to exporting the UK and Irish dairy products, Coombe Castle seeks fast and safe delivery to ensure the uniform quality of the products. It exports the UK’s leading dairy products, including clotted cream and Stilton (blue cheese), to more than 40 countries worldwide.

엘 앤 비르

Elle & Vire

Elle & Vire is one of France’s major butter and cream manufacturers. It uses milk from more than 1,300 farms in Normandy, which is well known for its high-quality milk. Recognized for its superb quality and expertise, Elle & Vire exports its products to 120 countries around the world.



Emborg is the global brand of the Danish food company, Uhrenholt. This company believes that delicious dishes come from natural ingredients, delivering its top-notch quality products to consumers.



As the largest Swiss milk processor, Emmi sells Swiss dairy products not only in Europe but also worldwide, including North America. It develops new products focusing on the lifestyle, convenience, and health of its consumers and produces premium dairy products rapidly in line with the latest trends.



Founded in Athens in 1926, FAGE is the largest dairy company in Greece. With the motto, “We will not make products that cannot feed our children,” this company makes natural Greek yogurt using 90 years of traditional methods. FAGE yogurt is good for the health, as it features a harder texture and richer flavor than regular yogurt.

가르시아 바께로

Garcia Baquero

Founded in 1962 by Garcia Baquero brothers, Garcia Baquero is a specialized cheesemaker in Spain, which uses traditional methods to make high-quality cheese from fresh milk supplied by 2,420 farms. Recognized for the quality, its DOP Manchego is exported to 65 countries around the world.

이즈니 생 메르

Isigny Ste-Mère

Located in Normandy, France, Isigny Sainte-Mère is a historic dairy cooperative. High-quality and fresh ingredients and its accumulated manufacturing expertise contribute to the production of Normandy’s AOP-labeled butter and classic French Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) cheese.



Founded in 1948, KOLIOS is a dairy company that leads the Feta protected designation of origin (PDO) and dairy markets in Greece. It receives selected milk from sheep, goats, and cows from farms in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, and exports its products to more than 50 countries worldwide, including Europe, the US, Australia, and Asia.

란젤로 바루팔디

L’Angelo Baruffaldi

Located in Piemonte, Italy, well known for gorgonzola, L’Angelo Baruffaldi is a specialized gorgonzola manufacturer, which produces gorgonzola with a unique flavor, based on traditional Italian recipes that have been passed down for over 100 years.

르 갈

Le Gall

Located in Quimper, a department of Brittany, France, Le Gall is the dairy brand of Sill, a French food group. Fresh milk collected within 80 km of the region is used to ensure the best quality, and experienced local experts are responsible for producing dairy products.

라이언 데어리 앤 드링크

Lion Dairy & Drink

Lion Dairy & Drink is one of Australia’s leading cheesemakers, operating six cheese brands, ranging from specialty cheeses to snack types. Located in Tasmania, well known for the wonderful natural environment, this company takes pride in more than 120 years of history and tradition in making cheese from the local milk.

라이 크로스 팜

Lye Cross Farm

Located in Somerset, England, Lye Cross Farm is the center of the UK’s dairy industry and where cheddar cheese was first born. It produces authentic British cheddar cheese based on recipes that have been passed down over three generations, as well as milk produced in the UK.



Located in South Tyrol, northern Italy, Mila is a local cooperative that produces mascarpone, an Italian cream cheese. All the products are made from milk within 24 hr supplied by over its 2,700 members. This company not only provides top-notch quality products but also serves as a leader in fulfilling animal welfare and operating eco-friendly production systems.



Founded in 1957, located in Puglia, southern Italy, Murgella is a specialized Italian cheesemaker that gives much importance to the natural environment by producing high-quality burrata cheese products with authentic local flavors.

사벤시아 프로마쥬 & 데어리

Savencia Fromage & Dairy

Savencia Fromage & Dairy is one of France’s major dairy companies. As an active global company in all continents, it supplies various localized cheeses tailored to customers’ preferences and lifestyles and market characteristics of each region.



With over 90 years of expertise, Vagne specializes in producing high-class French cheese. It makes four types of AOP cheese, including Comté, which all are made from unpasteurized cow’s milk supplied by Jura Mountains farmers.

벨드후이젠 카스

Veldhuyzen Kaas

Having started with the cheese distribution business in the late 19th century, Veldhuyzen Kaas is a Dutch cheese company with more than 130 years of history. It can select good cheeses thanks to its accumulated expertise. Moreover, it has developed and introduced its innovative cheese products all over the world..

베르기어 홀랜드

Vergeer Holland

Located in Reeuwijk, South Holland Province, Vergeer Holland is a cheesemaker. As a cheese supplier specializing in cheese ripening, cutting, and packaging, this company develops various packaging and cutting methods to meet the changing customer needs.



Following the family business that began in Italy, Daniele produces hams and salami in New England and the US. Its products are based on raw, premium quality materials, as well as classic Italian recipes that have long been passed down to generations.



Espuna produces a wide range of traditional Spain hams, including jamón serrano and salchichón. In particular, jamón serrano, made from a white pig, which passes through at least nine-month maturation, has been designated by the EU as traditional specialities guaranteed (TSG).

한들 티롤

Handl Tyrol

Handl Tyrol is an Austrian ham and sausage manufacturer with more than 110 years of experience and expertise. It is the only company in Austria that can produce all five types of protected geographical indication (PGI) products and exports more than 50% of its production thanks to its quality.



Torreón produces the highest quality Spanish ham made from black pigs that are fed on acorns. Jamon Iberico de Bellota classified as a top-class product in Spain.

알마스 캐비아

Almas Caviar

Almas Caviar is a caviar supplier, which operates Korea’s first sturgeon farm in the upstream of the Namhangang River in Chungcheongbuk-do. It retains special skills for the production of caviar from living sturgeon, and the flavor and quality are highly evaluated even abroad.



Calvisius is a caviar supplier that operates Europe’s largest sturgeon farm in northern Italy. It manages the entire process—from sturgeon farming to caviar production—and maintains the freshness using its unique expertise along with the advanced salting method called malassol (lightly salted). Recognized for its quality, it accounts for about 15% of the world’s caviar production.



Plantin deals with high-quality wild mushrooms, including truffles. Located in the heart of the three largest truffle markets in France, this company offers a wide range of selected truffle products.



Located in the Périgord, France, well known as the producer of foie gras, Rougié is recognized as one of France’s foie gras brands, with 140 years of expertise and experience since its foundation in 1875. As a founding partner of the Bocuse d’Or, a world-class cooking competition, this company provides foie gras for star chefs, luxury hotels, and restaurants in partnership with more than 65 countries, thereby contributing to the development of global cuisines.

알랭 밀리아

Alain Milliat

Alain Milliat is a French fruit processing company that produces high-quality fruit juices, jams, and nectars by adhering to the principles of manufacturing products according to fruit growing schedules and differentiating optimized growing regions for each fruit.



Located in the center of the Champagne region of France, Beaufor has inherited the tradition of French cuisine for the past two centuries. It produces various types of vinegar, mustard, and cornichon pickles, thus spreading the unique flavors of southern France across the world.



Dilecce is an olive-growing company located in Puglia, one of the best olive producing regions in Italy. Its olives, grown according to local traditions, are exported to global markets including Europe, Canada, and Australia.

라 투란젤르

La Tourangelle

La Tourangelle is an oil producer that follows the traditional artisan in Loire, France, which has been passed down since the Middle Ages. It produces various oils ranging from specialty to flavor oils, exporting high-quality products around the world.



Rana is a top-notch Italian pasta manufacturer with over 50 years of expertise. It uses the best-selected ingredients, such as the protected designation of origin (DOP) Parmigiano-Reggiano and basil, in addition to selected flour and eggs for richer colors and flavors.



Listed on the National Register of “Historic Companies” in Italy, Santagata 1907 has a tradition of more than 100 years, showing innovative aspects as a global company by exporting its products to over 40 countries worldwide.



Located in Lyonnais Valley near Lyon, France, Sicoly produces and supplies more than 200 kinds of fruit products. With its unique technique for maintaining the freshness of frozen fruits, this company provides its products to different countries such as France, Korea, and Japan.




Vandemoortele is a premium European bakery with 120 years of history and experience. Focusing on raw materials and regional expertise, this company produces different varieties in 34 factories across Europe and exports 370 types of bakery products to 95 countries worldwide.




Lorina is a French sparkling lemonade company that takes pride in 120 years of traditional flavors and recipes. Natural ingredients are used to create fresh flavors, and sparkling beverages have a refreshing aftertaste like champagne.

비엔나 알프스

Vienna Alps

Specializing in organic beverages in Austria, Vienna Alps uses only organic crops supplied by farms in the Alps to make healthy and pure beverages.




Located in the Netherlands, Boska specializes in cheese tools. Beginning in the late 19th century, when a Dutch blacksmith developed multipurpose cheese tools, this company has developed sophisticated and innovative cheese tools for four generations, exporting its products to 90 countries around the world.

하이드로 플라스크

Hydro Flask

As a US stainless steel water bottle and tumbler manufacturer, Hydro Flask offers various products so that the users can drink anytime, anywhere. Starting with insulated water bottles in 2009, this company has ceaselessly provided innovative solutions for the insulation category, reaching 1 million with the number of bottles sold in 2011.



Pebbly, which began as a meeting of young designers in Bordeaux, France, has grown as a kitchenware manufacturer. At present, its kitchen utensils are made of eco-friendly and waterproof bamboo. As its trademark, its colorful set of utensils lets users enjoy serving and entertaining.