Gourmet F&B is a
market leader for European food

Since its foundation in 1998, Gourmet F&B has introduced over 1,000 kinds of strictly selected European food ingredients to the Korean market for the past 20 years. Moreover, it has been recognized as a market leader for European food.

Apart from dairy products, such as natural cheese and butter, that take pride in unparalleled quality and expertise, Gourmet F&B is actively seeking various new ingredients including essential ingredients for European cuisine, such as olive oil, sauces, and processed meats, as well as the world’s three greatest delicacies, such as caviar, foie gras, and truffles.

Gourmet F&B ensures extraordinary professionalism.

Based on a close network with over 70 global partners in Europe representing Western food culture, more than 500 kinds of selected products are provided for top-class hotels, restaurants, and most domestic retailers and customers.

Furthermore, different activities are conducted, such as cooking demonstrations by global guest chefs and cheese classes for general consumers, to promote European cuisine, further contributing to the development of Korean cuisine culture.

Gourmet F&B continues to move forward.

Gourmet F&B’s ceaseless growth is attributed to its accumulated experience, market insights, a network of excellent partners for global sourcing, and hygienic and efficient distribution and logistics systems.

In 2017, we merged with LF Group, a leading lifestyle company, which served as a firm foothold.

We will shift our focus from Europe-centered product development to the expansion of target markets into the Americas and Oceania while exploring business areas that can involve food and lifestyle together.

With enthusiasm and a service mind-set, we at Gourmet F&B will assure customers of new and sustainable value and consumers of gustatory pleasure while ceaselessly pioneering the future of wonderful food culture.


For the CI, the capital “G,” which stands for Gourmet, is surrounded by leaves, thus looking like a flower.
This expresses our hope and volition for each European ingredient that Gourmet F&B has carefully selected and introduced to grow into the blooms of Western food culture. In particular, the two green leaves represent our corporate philosophy of introducing the flavors of healthy and fresh ingredients.